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(left) The Naval Academy's "Hornet" looks for something, anything, in Saturday's PHRF AO second race. The race was later abandoned (TLE).

Slogging around the buoys in early September...Annapolis Race Week.

I'm thinking of approaching the organizers of ARW next year and offering to stay away for a certain contribution, payable in Euro's, to an unnumbered Swiss bank account.

In three years I've done 5 out of a possible 9 days racing at the regatta and all five of those days have been lite air crap-shoots. This year, I did a Saturday in the J/35 fleet and we had 6 kn dying to 2-4 at the finish, race 1, and then a whole lot of watching crab pot floats sail by us in the second race. Of course, I couldn't make Day 2 & 3 and they turned out to be wonderful, in the 12 to 20 kn range.

Look, I have some boats lined up, to race on all three days next year, 2005.

So pay me.






(left) Sjambok tries to create a little VMG as the breeze disappears in race 2. Sizeable contributions to keep me away next year will make scenes such as this ugly PHRF A1 start (see the crappy 2 kn Drift-Fest, below) a thing of the past!









HEY SAILOR!....sell that PHRF bucket.

a ride in the most popular One D keelboat class...about time, eh? CLICK








- 15 reasons to take your boat to Solomons in 2005.(soon)

- Evelyn 32-2 racing at the 'Pile (CLICK)





photo courtesy of Spinsheet







(photos: G.F. Cerrone)


SAIL FOR SIGHT WAS JULY 10th! (click to BCYA Sail for Sight results)


Hot Air and Jet Exhaust

Just downstream from Our Nation's Capitol...what's it like to race a sailboat down there?




BOATS FOR SALE (most are local boats)













Okay, it's over...but it was spectacular. Thanks much to the folks at AYC and Sailing World. FINAL RESULTS




a few J/22 pix

Catalina 27 pix







a take on John Rousmaniere's book, Sleek. What's so attractive about a 115 year old displacement hull with a billiard table in the saloon, anyway?






Slightly weird or mildly intriquing stuff from a couple, two, three decades on the Bay (okay, more than that, but let's not go into it)




canoe off St. Michaels 1997 or so





You bought a new ride over the winter, only it has some god-awful name from the previous owner. Something like "Passion Fruit" or "My Beloved." You've gotta get that off there and you need to do it right. Here's how....








We're finally in the water...after a time-consuming bulkhead job





PUMPED UP! (disturbing trends from another league)



you can whine all you want about PHRF...just not here

confessions of a spacey tactician

that's not a blue/green "N"...or...why some folks bail from the "Empire"

most likely, you already won!


enough of cold weather sailing already...shorter days bad.....longer days to NWS Bay forecast


(from Spinsheet)

With the exception of the J/120's in PHRF 5, no other boat dominated a class at Key West the way Evelyn 32-2's did. Coming up, a compilation of E 32-2 scores from larger 2004 regattas.




Pictured at left, Paul Cronin's "Bongo: a'Sportboat for One'"

photo: Onne Van del Wal


WHAT'S GOING ON ABOVE THE BRIDGE? some 2004 events: not much left...

- Harbor Cup is on October 23rd


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