GOT a new boat?

does it have some idiotic name the p.o. bestowed on it that you can't wait to get rid of? Something like "Windchaser" or "Carpe Diem" or "Restless Wanderer?"

Well, go ahead and scrape that old vinyl lettering off and pick up the new graphics at the sign shop. But once you've put the new name on, you'll need to go about the ceremonial component of this process soon! And you'll need to do it right....


Ralph on his Catalina 27 "Oblio"

Ralph Ahseln lives and sails in Oregon and has a uniquely wonderful way of doing things.

Ralph is famous for many things, a lifetime of involvement in broadcast media production, for one, but his preferred method of mounting a tiller (turning it upside-down or "ralphing" it) has staked his claim in the maritime Hall of Fame, as far as a bunch of us are concerned! is his take on a performing a proper renaming ceremony, one that your boat and the Gods will both consider worthy.