Just aesthetics, is all.




I went to hear John Rousmaniere not too long ago. He was talking about his new book, Sleek, and showing a bunch of slides from the "golden age of yacht photography."

Hey, as a pro photographer, I am totally wired to the concept that guys like the Rosenfelds and James Burton were truly masters of yacht photography. No problem there.

But I might beg to differ a little about one thing Rousmaniere said, and that was that the boats back then were more photogenic. The inference being that pictures these days are inferior because the boats just aren't as cool looking.

The old boats were pretty, but it's all so subjective, I hesitate to even make comparisons. Big overhangs, wooden spars, yeah, I know...neat. But let's face it, compared to today's designs these boats were could they not be with full fireplaces and interiors that look like the Harvard Club?

So, I put forth the proposition that today's boats are actually better looking. They look like efficient wind machines, not sailing clubrooms.

Here are a bunch of photos of stuff that, to me, look good, whether they be new boats, old boats, slow boats, cruisers, powerboats, whatever.


I think this is a great looking little boat.






same with this great little daysailer.










These Volvo boats were shot off Bodkin Point back in April 2002...anyone doesn't think these things are sexy as hell needs a double dose of Viagra.










cat-ketch canoe. neat.







Small catboat that got left for a big catboat...cute, though.








2003 spaceship-style Catamaran (at Annapolis Sailboat Show, October '03)...reeeeal weird and it's too soon to even make a judgment on the styling. Wait 10 years.

I think it's the offspring of a Lagoon 470 that had sex with the truck, below.

















Early 60's styling...sumptuous curves, they were serious about styling back then.








1964 Seafarer...wooden spars, spoon bow and an interesting transition to the doghouse






more to come...........