Evelyn 32-1








Evelyn 28 Catboat

this turned up on the internet recently...speculation is, it's a highly modified Evelyn 29, but we dont know for sure.





Evelyn 24

"The 24 was the first Evelyn design.

This boat came out 1 year before the J24.
The first one was called Pointin which I guess is pronounced "pawsheen" which they say is Gaelic (sp?) for "home brew". It was also known as the "Pointin 24" or Able Pointin 24. Able Marine built the production version.
There were many custom versions of this boat.

Bob took a 3rd or 4th in the quarter ton worlds in Texas in one that I got to sail on with him. It was flush deck and had had a foot cut off the beam (with a chain saw no less!).

The next boat Bob did was the Pointin 29. I doubt you will ever find a picture of this but it looked like the
bigger version of the 24.

You have a picture of the 32 half toner and there was a similar looking 36 one toner. I think this is when Bob started Formula Yachts to build these boats.

Then there were boats like "Evelution" an IOR 41 footer that eventually found its way to the Coast Guard academy. Bob designed and built the Evelyn 26 late 70s early 80s as a MORC beater. It was around the same time as the very very similar looking S2 came out."



A shot of Able Poitin 24 "Hakuna Matata," on a mooring on the North Shore of Long Island, sent to nbayracing.com recently.

Apparently the transom cut-out is the original.