Ed Chimney
Farmingdale, NY

There were 7 42s built. One is in a bird preserve somewhere down south. She is unrecoverable due some environmental restrictions. One was in Atlantic City along side a Hampton Inns on a causeway less keel, rudder and had a huge hole in her bottom. The 7th Evelyn 42 was discussed with Bob in 83-84 by a guy from Long Island. The gel coat was ordered but the contract was never signed. however a year or so later a fellow from New Orleans finished the boat in the dark blue gel coat Bob had ordered for the first guy. The boat was named Heartbeat. I too heard she was destroyed in a hurricane a number of years ago. From what I know she was a little different in the keel sump was lowered, the engine was a turbo diesel, and perhaps the rig was raised. Hooligan I believe is still owned by Dr. Peter Brinckerhoff (sp) from Fisher's Island. Rouge I believe was the first and originally called Stainless which basically won everything fro a number of years around 1980. Ed Dole bought her perhaps in the early 90s and raced her extensively until two years ago when she sold for around $30k.

So: Two wrecked, Hooligan, Pterodactyl, Rogue, Heartbeat, perhaps MATADOR (Could also be Heartbeat). So you just need one more which I've seen but can't remember.

Evelyn 42 (FOR SALE)

I received this from Mike Leslie who owns Pterodactyl in Grosse Pointe, MI.

"I believe there were 6 built in total in the 1988-1989 period, all at Formula Yachts, ours is hull #4. Some of our crew saw Bob at KWRW 2 years ago and he apparently had some stories. Basically, the boats were all sold in Long Island Sound, and raced for a couple of years before (3 or 4) of them got new keels and rudders from Brandon Debroth. I have seen info on 4 of the boats, 1 still racing in Long Island ("Hooligan"), "Pterodactyl" in Detroit. and a 3rd boat named "Rouge," for sale last year in Long Island and a 4th, (name unknown) which was destroyed in a hurricane a few years back. The boat weights around 13,000 lbs with a 6,000 lb keel and 8.9 draft. It was built as a heavy air reacher and we've had it planing and doing upwards of 16kts sustained. The boat loves big air!

"In 2002 we made some big changes when we replaced shaft with a saildrive. The engine used to be located just behined the mast. It really opened up the interior. The floors were replaced 2 years ago with a nomex core carbon laminate.

"We race a very full schedule, which is 2 races per week, both Mac races (won class and 10th overall 3 years ago) and a number of other overnight races. In PHRF we have done very well, being overall detroit season
champion 2 years ago. We focus a lot on the bottom, and completely re-faired it 3 years ago, stripping
it down to the gelcoat and starting over. it's a very straight and stiff boat and a blast to drive, no matter how much it's blowing, just 2 fingers on the tiller is all it takes.

"I've got some stories and pics and some engineering stuff as well that I'll try and get together. Bob's been spotted around some big regattas the last 2 years, it would be great to get his sailing story out... (saw race results from the electric boat yacht club regattas, where he sailed some interesting crafts)."